Go on a Quest at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne

The Scavenger Hunt we ran at Kscope15 was a huge success. The players had fun, the game was mostly bug-free and our gracious hosts, ODTUG (@odtug), were happy.

The Hunt went so well that we’ve been asked by the OTN (@oracleotn) to run a similar game at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld (@oracleopenworld) and JavaOne (@javaoneconf).


I can’t tell you much about it yet, but the name has changed. During Kscope15, we realized that “scavenger hunt” doesn’t really translate into other languages. So, we’re rebranding the game as a the OTN Community Quest.

It should be a lot fun, so make note if you’re attending OpenWorld or JavaOne this year and stay tuned.

We’re stoked to renew our collaboration with the good folks at OTN. It’s been three years since we ran the first developer challenge at OpenWorld in the OTN Lounge back in 2012, and we’re looking forward to this year’s event.

In addition to the Quest, our team and OAUX will be very busy during OpenWorld and JavaOne. If you’re attending, check out the OAUX schedule for OOW and JavaOne.

Watch this space for what we’ll be doing and where you can find us during the big shows.



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