Twilio Signal Conference – $Bash night

Twilio Signal Conference ended with an after-party called the $Bash night.  Twilio set up booths with geeky games like programming, program debugging, computer building etc..  They also had a foosball table for 16 people.  I think it is one of the nicest parties for geeks I attended so far.  It was a fun night with music, drinks, food and games, tuned for developers.

During that morning’s keynote, Jeff Lawson (Twilio Founder) had a virtual meeting with Rony Abovitz (Magic Leap Founder), and they announced that the winner of the $Bash night can get access to Magic Leap.  Magic Leap is so mysterious, and I had a great urge to win in the $Bash night to be able to play and do something with it.

It turned out if you compete with other developers during the $Bash night, you could win raffle tickets, and the person who had the most raffle tickets by the end of the night would become the winner.  So all night I have been going all out playing and competing.  The environment was too dark to possibly take some good quality pictures, but you can find some info here.

There are 2 games I did quite well and enjoyed:  1. program debugging competition among 6 developers, 2.  pairing up to move jenga blocks with a robot arm.  At the end of night, although I tried my best, I only came out second.  At first I was quite disappointed, however, I was told there is still quite a very good chance there is a second spot to offer me for Magic Leap.  I shall keep my hope up to wait and see.

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