Twilio Signal Conference – Sessions

Lets dive to the Twilio sessions.

The sessions are generally divided in the following 4 tracks:

  • Learn
    See the latest progress in software and cloud communications, talk shop with Twilio engineers who developed them, and get in to the details on how to use the software.
  • Inspire
    Hear from industry experts shaping the future of tech with the latest software.
  • Equip
    Get details on hurdles tricks and solution from Twilio customers on building communications with software APIs.
  • Action
    Define business plans for modern communications with real-life ROI and before-and-after stories.

My interests was more into the Inspire track, and the hot topic being AI and Virtual Assistants nowadays, those were the sessions I targeted for the conference.


Twilio messaging integration with other platforms

This half year is just the “half year of virtual assistants”, with the announcements of controversial Tay and Cortana from Microsoft, messenger bot from Facebook, Allo from Google I/O and Siri from WWDC yesterday.  Every giants want to squeeze into the same space and get a share of it.  There were a lot of sessions regarding to bots in Signal, and I had a feeling that Twilio has carefully hand picked the sessions carefully to suit the audiences.  IBM, and Microsoft and Slack all presented their views and technologies with bots, and I learned a lot from them.  It is a bit odd that sponsored the lunch for the conference and have a booth in the conference, but did not present in any sessions (afaik).

In the schedule, there was a session called Terrible Ideas in Git by Corey Quinn.  I love Git, and when I saw the topic, my immediate reaction was how can anyone say Git was terrible (at least right)??  I just had to go there and take a look.  To my surprise, it was very fun talk show and I had a good laugh and enjoyed it a lot.  I am glad I did not miss that session.


Yep, deal with it!

Yep, deal with it!

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