Color Workshop at the Oracle Maker Faire

Workshop preparations

For the last 6 years, each Friday, I have been bringing a mobile painting studio to my kids’ school. Among other things, we work on what I call “color studies” – a set of formal exercises aimed to sharpen one’s sense of color and develop painting skill, just like musical scales, chords and arrpedgios sharpen one’s sense of harmony and develop performance skills. I was originally inspired to offer such level of formalism by work of Josef Albers, and my students and I has been playing with the “color studies” for two years at the school.

Here are some of the students’ color studies:

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I attended the Oracle Maker Faire with the upper echelon of the students (5th and 6th graders), and our contribution was three-fold: we had an exhibit of our color studies; we taught the color workshop to about eighteen self-selected participants; and I got to rattle from the main stage on the topic of Maker Movement and art while kids kept me company up there.

Exhibit stands ready for a trip from Santa Cruz to Redwood Shores

At the workshop

At the workshop

It was big fun to bring kids, their paintings, and our workshop to the Oracle Maker Fair. Many people talk about work/life balance, I am grateful I get to live it 🙂 My thanks go to the Oracle lore for the event, to friends and family for swinging by to support me, and the workshop participants big and small who showed up and painted their hearts out.

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