The AppsLab experiment ended this week as nearly all of us were let go.

Noel and I decided to keep this blog running, both as a historical resume of sorts and as a way for all of us who worked in ‘Lab over the years to share our ongoing adventures and talk about technology.

We had a good run, thanks to executive leaders like Paul and Jeremy, and I will always remember the camaraderie we had as a team. I’d be hard-pressed to assemble a group like the one we had, and I hope someday to reassemble us, even if it’s just over a meal.

Not much else to say. I hope everyone will continue to post here about new adventures, new technologies, burning questions and really anything.

Good luck everyone and thank you for reading.




  1. Jake,

    I want to say a public “Thank you”.

    When we first met – onstage at a “Good Morning America” style conversation in front of a room full of new hires, me clutching my iPad as always, the first words out of your mouth were “you have the stink of Apple on you.” That was the start of a spirited conversation.

    Little did I realize then that I would soon be reporting up to you and be invited to join the AppsLab team – which I had long admired. I found you to be a thoughtful and visionary leader who encouraged lively debate but always went to great lengths to protect the people on your team and preserve the space we needed to innovate.

    I am grateful not just for the rare experience of being part of a truly innovative, creative – and fun -emerging tech team, but also for the AppsLab itself and this blog in particular. The moment I heard the news about the layoff the first thing I did was to download a local copy of my bits just in case it should disappear. I am relieved to hear that you and Noel will keep it online.

    In a world of corporate PR mush, the AppsLab blog stands out as an oasis of genuine, meaty, quirky, quality content. And because you have kept it alive and vibrant for so long it has also become an invaluable historical document in and industry so focused on the future it too often fails to preserve and learn from its past.

    So: thank you. I’m sure this industry hasn’t heard the last of you and I look forward to finding out what comes next.


  2. Hi Jake and Team – I’m very sorry to hear that sad news.

    i’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures over the years from the early days with you Jake, and Rich and Paul.

    I hope all works out for you Jake, and everyone else who has been laid off. That must have come as a bit of a shock!

    All the best for the future.

  3. @John: Thank you for your kind words and all the difficult and thoughtful work you’ve done for AppsLab (and Oracle generally) over the years. I hope you’ll be allowed to continue solving the big problems in a way that fits your style. Please continue to contribute here if you feel like it.

    @Jim: I knew we’d hear from you, one of our most loyal readers over the years. Even though you rarely comment, I know you’re out there reading. Knowing that has kept this blog going for a long time as communication has moved to FB, Twitter and Instagram. There’s still room for the long format. I’m glad that we’ve held your interest this long, and for now, the plan is to keep it going. Thanks for reading.

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