Do You DIY?

After spending the majority of the weekend puttering around my working garden, I find myself wondering how many of you DIY whenever you can. I have a theory that people who like hacking around with tech and starting numerous side projects in their free time also generally like doing meat-life projects themselves too. Long ago, I was… Read More

What’s Your Next Project?

Initially, the title was “What’s Your Next Geeky Project?”, but I’m interested to know other projects too. I’m a DIY guy. I like messing around with stuff, figuring out how to do things and learning new (ahem) skills. Most of my projects involve computers because that’s where most of my skills are. I tinker around… Read More

DIY Development

The WSJ Business Technology blog has a post about “Where the Next Generation of Techies Won’t Come from“. Aside from offending my grammatical sensibilities, you know, ending a sentence with a preposition, the post interests me for a couple reasons. The crux of the post refers to statistics published by the Computer Research Association that… Read More