You Know You Love Email

Everyone loves to complain about too much email. But face it, you know you love it, or at least, you have a love-hate relationship. Email is today’s busy meter. You know, that measuring stick that shows how busy you are. By the way, is it uniquely American to brag about how much work we do?… Read More

What’s New in Connect 4.0?

As I mentioned last week, we’ve released the 4.0 version of Connect, which includes a boat-load of new stuff. Our main goals for this release were: Put the focus on people, not on objects. Make it dead simple to share anything. Aggregate information by supporting multiple sources. Provide intelligent filtering for easy viewing. Consolidate output… Read More

Reply-All RIFF’ed

When I read this one, I had to wonder if April 1 had come early. “Nielsen Deletes Reply-To-All Button” But it’s true. Nielsen’s CIO sent a memo alerting all Nielsen employees that that they “Reply to All” feature from Microsoft Outlook, their corporate email client. Oh, the irony if the memo had been an email.… Read More

Let’s Take a Legal Break

Something has been bothering me for years about our (American) legal system. Pause for snarky comments. As a longtime reader of Slashdot, I’ve followed the legal aspects of technical lawsuits passively for years, especially  court decisions that affect overall precedent, e.g. RIAA and MPIAA decisions as they pertain to P2P, cyber-bullying, spamming, anti-trust in tech,… Read More

Back to Work

So, I’ve returned from my staycation officially, and thanks to scheduled posts, it was almost like I never left. Everyone wins. I’ve made it through several hundred emails; incidentally, would you take a job that had in its description of responsibilities: To send and receive thousands of emails each month. Just wondering, since we all… Read More