Want to Help Socialize OpenWorld?

OpenWorld is quickly approaching; it’s September 21-25, in case you don’t already know that. You’ll recall that last year, we used Twitter quite a lot to socialize, meetup and broadcast the sessions. We used Craig Cmehil‘s eventtrack side project to consolidate the tweets and other social clutter (videos, photos, etc.) into a single stream of… Read More

What’s Your GPS Do?

Yesterday, I quipped: Processing “I’m at the Green Dragon” is far easier than processing “I’m at 928 SE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR”. Unless you’re a GPS device. In which case, you and your friends should have no trouble finding each other. And lo, today via Mashable, I read about Garmin and uLocate teaming up to… Read More

3 x Location

A couple news items from last week have me thinking about location-based services again. First, a location-based social networking tool called Shizzow launched a private beta. Similarly to other services (Brightkite, most notably), Shizzow helps you stay in touch with people IRL, but the secret sauce is that you don’t have to know the address… Read More