Do Users Want Innovation?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. When a product reaches maturity, meaning it works as designed (mostly), the ugly bugs are resolved and you’ve got a good number of users, inevitably, as a product team, you begin planning for new features. Most of the time, your initial release doesn’t include… Read More

OraTweet Leaves the Nest

First off, thanks for hanging in there while I caught up on my R&R. I came back today to hear the happy news that OraTweet will soon be available to anyone who wants to give it whirl. Noel is prepping the final package for distribution, but if you’re interested now, head over to and… Read More

Toy Blocks that Think?

I shared this in my reader feed as well, but it’s so damn cool, I thought it would be worth sharing the video too. In this TED talk, MIT grad student David Merrill demos Siftables, blocks that think. You read that right. They think. I really loved Legos, Lincoln Logs, and all manner of construction… Read More

We Heart Hackers

I love this type of story. About a week ago, I get an email from Noel Portugal, a guy who works at Oracle and likes to hack around with APEX, Web 2.0 stuff, technology in general. In one line that stuck out, Noel mentioned that he was recently “bitten” by the Web 2.0 bug and… Read More

On Acquiring Innovation

I’ve been mulling a post on acquired innovation since OpenWorld. Marian asked about it during our interview. Dennis and some of the other Enterprise Irregulars have been critical of the term as Charles uses it, and I’m not planning to defend the term or the concept per se. I can speak from my own experience… Read More