Let’s Take a Legal Break

Something has been bothering me for years about our (American) legal system. Pause for snarky comments. As a longtime reader of Slashdot, I’ve followed the legal aspects of technical lawsuits passively for years, especially  court decisions that affect overall precedent, e.g. RIAA and MPIAA decisions as they pertain to P2P, cyber-bullying, spamming, anti-trust in tech,… Read More

Who Owns Your Address Book?

Friend of the ‘Lab Dan McCall sent this post my way last week. The issue in question is whether your LinkedIn contacts could be considered the property of your employer, should you decide to part ways. This is an intriguing question, considering: LinkedIn’s self-described purpose as a “professional network”. People use LinkedIn to keep track… Read More

Then You Get the Power

I guess the Office 2.0 Conference made this relevant last week, but I noticed several articles that kicked IT in the teeth for holding back the inevitable advance of new web into the enterprise, i.e. Web 2.0 transforming into Enterprise 2.0. Chris Anderson of “the long tail” fame and Computer World each had pieces on… Read More