Too Busy to Innovate

I had a conversation with a product manager over IM today that got thinking big thoughts about stuff, you know, like Paul does. I’ve known this PM dude for years and worked with him while I was in development. Great guy, with massive doses of cynicism and negativity, at least when it comes to work.… Read More

Cases2.0 and IdeaFactory

As many of you know, Rich built a cool site we have been using internally called IdeaFactory. Adoption internally has been astounding. We have tapped into a well of pent up expertise. It is proof that the 1:1 model of sharing (i.e. email your boss a good idea) just doesn’t work. There are many reasons… Read More

Managing your team in a 2.0 world

Our team spends quite a bit of time around plans, schedules and status. This is mainly a big company problem, but every organization I have worked in needs more rigor around their work. The typical lifecycle of project management is as follows: BIG BANG –> BEATINGS –> WHIMPERING DEATH Let me explain. Every project starts… Read More