In my previous post I argued that the hunt is on for a better way to code, a way more suited for a designer’s need to test new interactions. I said I wanted a process less like solving a Rubik’s cube and more like throwing a pot. What does this actually mean? “I want to… Read More

DIY Development

The WSJ Business Technology blog has a post about “Where the Next Generation of Techies Won’t Come from“. Aside from offending my grammatical sensibilities, you know, ending a sentence with a preposition, the post interests me for a couple reasons. The crux of the post refers to statistics published by the Computer Research Association that… Read More

On JavaScripting

Now a little something for our techie readers… we do have a few right? One aspect of Ruby on Rails that I don’t like (surprising, I know) is the bundled Prototype JavaScript library.  When Prototype came out, I loved it.  The $() selector introduced a novel way of writing JS code.  Then other libraries came… Read More

On Hiring a Web Developer

While looking for a developer to hire into our team, I’ve been particularly focused on looking for someone who has a strong web development background. Just because a programmer has written complex c, c++, java code or knows how to hack linux kernels does not mean they can build a web application. A web developer/engineer… Read More