Bad Things, Man

I just started the Snow Leopard upgrade process, and I’ve got about an hour to kill as it wanders through the process. Experience tells me to monitor the progress, just in case it hits a hiccup. So, I’m going to see if I can form a post out of something that’s been bothering me lately.… Read More

Kidnapping Data?

This is a new one for me. Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported (via Wikileaks) that hackers had compromised a Virginia state prescription web site, deleted the eight million records and replaced the home page with a ransom note. The ransom demand, $10 million. Apparently, this isn’t the first case of datanapping, which doesn’t… Read More

Zombies Attack Austin

With SXSW looming, Austin may need to clean up its zombie problem. I’m in a local news mood for some reason, maybe because I rewatched Anchorman last night and just ran through the video from KXAN’s coverage of a roadside sign hack from last week. Here’s the video: This made the local news here last… Read More