Even More Fun with Numbers

Enterprise 2.0 2008 is going on now in Boston, and Oracle is a Diamond level sponsor. So, there are loads of Oracle people attending. I got a request for Mix metrics on Friday for someone’s session today, so I spent several hours yesterday hacking together SQL queries. Protip: when you scope your next web app,… Read More

April Fools’ on Mix?

The Mix traffic stats from today show more than double the pageviews (8,200) and visits (1,000) we normally get. These numbers are as of an hour ago, so they will continue to climb slightly as the day comes to a close. They are the highest that I can recall since we launched at OpenWorld in… Read More

More Fun with Numbers

Rich and Anthony deployed a few key fixes last week, nothing too bloggable. They were focused on securing private group activity and caching, which was causing some weird behavior. So, rather than blog those, my periodic Mix post this week is more metrics. As a follow up to my first Fun with Numbers post, I… Read More

Thank You Readers!

We crossed a few milestones or recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. We launched this blog June 1. Today: Feedburner says we have 208 readers. That number fluctuates wildly, but we’ve held your attention better lately, getting from 100 to 200 in a fraction of the time it took to get to… Read More