Too Many of Me

July 6th, 2007 4 Comments

Jeff Nolan addresses an issue that many others (e.g. Robert Scoble, Anshu Sharma) have begun to complain about recently. Namely, there are too many social networks to use realistically, and no one has adequately addressed the requirement for a cross-network identity management tool. For people in a position to give advice on new technology (Which is better, Jaiku, Twitter or Pownce? Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn?) and for those of us who just like it and like to sound informed, there are just too many many mes.

For each social network, I have to:

And coming soon, platform proliferation. Once MySpace and LinkedIn release platforms (as I noted in an entry yesterday), questions of “Which platform is best, which has the best applications, which is the easiest for development?” will need to be answered.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this gig. I just wish I had more time for it.

Please someone build a profile and contacts aggregator for social networks (like Pidgin/Adium for IM) and make them all play nice. Or drop some knowledge on me about the silver bullet I haven’t seen (not Plaxo, I can’t even get that to run).  We need this soon.  Even Friendster is on the mend, page views were up 40% in May.

I thought they were dead?

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4 Responses to “Too Many of Me”

  1. OraNA :: Oracle News Aggregator Says:

    , and his advice to Marc Andreessen was to outsource his blog comments. Valleywag has some advice, but it involves work. Gasp. So now, the precedent is set. If you need to be in the know and suffer from Too Many Mes syndrome, you can pay someone to collaborate for you. Maybe this is Enterprise 2.0. Back to Steve, I’m tempted to dub him Fake Steve Ballmer but of course, FSJ (Fake Steve Jobs) already has that moniker for all intents and purposes. Incidentally, I

  2. Jake Says:

    Tony Macdonell hits this nail on the head too.
    Adding Friends is a Full Time Job, and I am Tired of It

  3. Jake Says:

    Tony Macdonell hits this nail on the head too.
    Adding Friends is a Full Time Job, and I am Tired of It

  4. Enterprise Architecture: Thought Leadership: The value of entitlements management Says:

    […] that to really claim identity 2.0 they need to consider authorization models based on standards as part of their message… # posted by James McGovern @ 2:00 PM    Links to this post: See links to this […]

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