Mix: Year One

November 11th, 2008 7 Comments

Mix is one year old today.

Seems like it’s been around forever, at least to me, but you’ll recall we launched it to very little fanfare at the beginning of OpenWorld 2007.

Mix didn’t really get much promotion at all until Marketing decided to solicit session ideas from the community for OpenWorld 2008 back in May. Over the Summer, Marketing extended Mix quite a bit, and it quickly outgrew our bandwidth for support and operations.

Heading into OpenWorld 2008, Mix made its primetime debut as the front end for the Oracle Participate campaign, and looking ahead, Marketing has big plans for Mix. Stay tuned.

Here are some statistics on Mix through (roughly) its first year:

FYI, these stats are also in Paul’s Defrag 08 presentation.

This success belongs to the Oracle community. Without a dedicated collection of Oracle enthusiasts, Mix would have gone nowhere. So, thanks to all of you. Keep on mixing it up and look forward to more cool features from Mix, delivered by Marketing and ENTP.

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7 Responses to “Mix: Year One”

  1. bex Says:

    How do you calculate stats? I use three different tools, and their data varies wildly:


  2. Jake Says:

    For Mix, we've use Omniture for web metrics for several months, Mint before that. We use Mint for Connect as well, it's not free, but nominally priced. I don't put a whole lot of stock into the accuracy of web metrics, due to exactly the problems you mention.

    We did db queries for the other stats.

  3. Rick_Brown Says:

    Perhaps you'd like to investigate Oracle Real User Experience Insight for getting technical metrics for Mix, as it is designed specifically to get statistics for websites, for monitoring pageviews, locations of visitors, hits, performance of user experience, etc., can re-use existing web analysis tool page tagging, and you can set-up KPIs for any statistic measured. Talk to someone in the SAM team for more details (or I'm happy to speak with you offline about it).

    I see there's Oracle Connect and there's Oracle Mix. How should we use these different facilities, as they seem to be massively overlapping?

  4. Jake Says:

    Thanks for the tip. We don't manage Mix anymore, and I know they have something in place already tracking web metrics. I'll send a note to them with your suggestion.

    Re. Connect vs. Mix, there's not as much overlap as you think. Connect is for networking inside the firewall; Mix is for networking with outside parties, e.g. customers, partners, consultants, etc.

    Content on Connect tends toward getting work done, information sharing, and collaboration. Content on Mix tends toward knowledge and idea sharing and networking with various people in the Oracle community at large.

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  6. Johny Says:

    Here are some statistics on Mix through (roughly) its first year:

    * 142,220 pageviews a month
    * 15,525 visits a month
    * 4.92 average connections per user
    * 0.45 average sharing activity per user per month

    They came up pretty well considering they were new .

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