OpenSocial in the Enterprise Session from Google I/O

As promised, Rich’s session from Google I/O has been posted, and I’ve embedded here for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a panel so, if you don’t want to invest the full 60 minutes, you can skip to Rich’s demo, which happens between 13:24 and 20:59.

He gives a quick demo of Connect and shares some OpenSocial gadgets that he and Anthony have been toying with for possible addition to Connect.

The highlight for me was when light applause broke out after Rich’s section, to which Chris says, “Feel free to clap”. I guess people weren’t clapped out after the Wave keynote.

You’ll notice that Rich is featured on the video summary, and you can see our sticker on his laptop.

AppsLab sticker in the wild

Anyway, enjoy. Great job Rich.



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