You Asked What is WebCenter . . .

A little while back, Chet (@oraclenerd) asked the Oracle WebCenter account (@oraclewebcenter) over Twitter, “What is WebCenter?”

Makes sense since Chet, and many others out there, are general Oracle practitioners, meaning they may specialize in a specific product, but are always curious and eager to expand their knowledge to other Oracle products, which is very easy to do thanks to OTN (@oracletechnet) and its developer licenses.

I like to think that WebCenter had risen to the top of Chet’s mind due to the WebCenter content published here, which has increased since we joined the team.

Anyway, “What is WebCenter” is a tough question to answer in 140 characters, and one I thought warranted some ink here. So, I went to the source.

Who better to answer this question than Vince Casarez, VP of Product Management for Oracle Enterprise 2.0 and Portal Products, and co-author of “Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0: Using New Social Technologies to Lead Business Transformation“, which incidentally he cowrote with friend of the ‘Lab Billy Cripe (@billycripe).

So, I give you What is WebCenter, Part 1, courtesy of Vince.

As the title suggests, Vince plans to break his answer into multiple parts. I hope he’ll also include some customer case studies or quotes to add to the story.

Of course, much of this content already exists at, e.g. Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer case study, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add more.

So, check out Vince’s post and comment there or here, if you like. We’re interested in your WebCenter impressions and stories.



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