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The WebCenter Customer Spotlight and OpenWorld Approaches

My fellow WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) evangelist and friend, Peter Reiser (@peterreiser) has been a very busy dude lately, churning out a new series for the official WebCenter blog, the WebCenter Customer Spotlight. This series is pretty self-explanatory, focused on highlighting WebCenter customers and what each of them is doing with the WebCenter suite of products. Here are… Read More

WebCenter Evangelism at Enterprise 2.0

The Enterprise 2.0 conference starts today in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts, and Oracle is a gold sponsor. Two of our merry band of WebCenter evangelists will be there, Christian Finn (@cfinn) and Peter Reiser (@peterreiser). Christian has a busy speaking schedule during the show, and I’m sure Peter will be busy covering the happenings via Twitter… Read More

More WebCenter Sites Resources

Friend of the ‘Lab, John Brunswick (@johnbrunswick) has collected several WebCenter Sites (the product formerly known as FatWire) resources, 10 to be exact. 10 GREAT WEBCENTER SITES RESOURCES (FATWIRE) Among them is Fatcoders, which I’ve previously covered as well as the official WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog, specifically the content tagged wem. My colleague and ami Noël… Read More

A WebCenter Sites Resource

Now that WebCenter Sites 11gR1 is released and available on OTN, you might be to the now-what step. Those familiar with Sites (and FatWire) are probably familiar with the Jump Start Kit (JSK) concept, which is a preconfigured installation of the Content Server, bundled with Apace and Tomcat running on an in-memory db called HyperSQL… Read More

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 Released

I’ve been yammering about WebCenter Sites (formerly FatWire) for a while, and today marked its first release under the Oracle banner. Now, thanks to the power of OTN (@oracletechnet), you can kick the tires yourself. Let’s back up and talk about what Sites is first. Sites is all about web experience management, specifically through your… Read More

Playing with WebCenter Sites

I’ve been on work hiatus lately, i.e. too busy to write, but I’ve found some time to write about my new favorite shiny toy, WebCenter Sites. Sites is the new name for what used to be called FatWire, a company Oracle acquired last year. Sites does what’s now being called web experience management (WEM), but… Read More

SunSpace Moves to WebCenter

Over on the WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog, Peter (@peterreiser) has a detailed look at the migration of SunSpace to WebCenter, definitely worth a look if you’re interested in what WebCenter can do. He even includes pictures of SunSpace communities on Chris’ (@cbales) Spaces iPhone app, which I personally love both as a go-to app and as… Read More

Do More with Oracle WebCenter

Last week, our own Christian Finn (@cfinn) gave a webcast called “Do More with Oracle WebCenter,” but if you missed it, don’t fret, there’s a recording. Check out the recap on the official WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog: Do More with Oracle WebCenter: Expand Beyond Portals – Webcast Q

WebCenter Resources in the Wild

Aside from the official WebCenter blog (@oraclewebcenter), Peter’s blog (@peterreiser) and sometimes Matthias’ blog (@mprove), there are a bunch people out there in intertubes land writing about WebCenter. Here are a few good voices I’ve read recently, along with some that I’ve been reading for a while in no particular order: Yannick Ongena (@yannick_ongena) Andrejus Baranovskis (@andrejusb)… Read More

WebCenter Tips and Tricks, Part 3

Editor’s note: Here’s the third installment of WebCenter tips and tricks from Matthias Müller-Prove (@mprove). Check out the first two here. Tips’n’Tricks for WebCenter #3: How to display custom page titles in Spaces by Matthias Müller-Prove If people don’t know where they are in the web, they tend to get lost in cyberspace. This can be prevented… Read More

Oracle OpenWorld WebCenter Sessions

There will be tons of great WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) sessions at OpenWorld this year. Check out Kellsey’s rundown: Oracle OpenWorld: Don’t Miss WebCenter Sessions (Oracle WebCenter Blog) In addition, check out the demo grounds, customer and partner sessions. Lots of WebCenter content this year, so make your plans now. In case you were wondering, we won’t… Read More

Want More WebCenter?

WebCenter product manager extraordinaire, Manish Devgan, has a brand new blog over at So, if you want more WebCenter content, hit him up immediately. Today, he has a post about the latest guides to extending WebCenter 11g Patchset 3. Extending WebCenter Spaces Using JDeveloper | Manish Devgan’s Oracle WebCenter Blog And while we’re on… Read More