IOS coming to the desktop?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

iOS to make its desktop debut with next iMac revision?

Even though the iOS claim that “you already know how to use it” appeals to my quest to design simpler software, the hubris coming out of Cupertino lately has me worried that this won’t end well.

Especially for OS X, which is not good at all.




  1. I figure that there are three types of people:

    (1) People who like OS X, Windows, Linux, et al, many of whom would hate the idea of a crippled, locked down computer.

    (2) People who like iWhatever (and variants such as Chumby and the Sony Dash), many of whom would be thrilled to get their existing environment on a larger screen.

    (3) The billions of people who don't fit in either category. This is the key group. Will this induce them to buy and use a computer? Will they perceive it as a wonderful experience, or a hampering one?

  2. Cost will select out a lot of that third group. This is Apple, after all. I'm feeling threatened as a member of the first group. This feels a lot like a way to charge me more for an open (using it loosely) OS, or worse yet, it might spell the end of open OS from Apple at all.

  3. Apple knows their user base very well, probably better than any tech company. My guess is they're fine losing developers bc they correctly see this as a squeaky wheel segment. I wouldn't be surprised if the next major OS revision leaves OS X behind entirely in favor of an iOS variant with open versions available for developers who want to pay more.

    Over the past decade, Mac users have flocked to Apple as a great device maker that also makes great computers. These people don't care about open vs. closed, just usable.

  4. Some of the comments in that article questioned who wants to touch a desktop screen. I see some people buying refurbished hp touch screens (I think because of having seen us implement them locally in kiosks for things like factory workers who don't have their own PC's for their jobs, so they can access online HR stuff or bar coded apps or whatever), I wonder if they will actually use that or just getting it cause it seems cool?

    Personally I'd rather kick back with a keyboard. I wish I could do that with my tv devices, for that matter.

  5. I've wondered about the future of OSX. Apple would have no problem selling a 'consumer' computer with a keyboard with a simplified OS (on the lines of Chrome OS). The question is, are there enough people using Macs for stuff requiring a 'serious' OS that it is worth the development costs. By serious usage, I'm thinking Photoshop as an example. Adobe and Apple haven't been the best of friends recently which could feed into their calculations.

  6. Exactly what concerns me. In the bad old days before OS X and the Intel Macs revived the Mac brand, heavy graphics users sustained them. Of course, Apple has a much stronger revenue stream in iOS devices now that could offset a losing segment like those of us who want a real OS. Still, I wonder about development resource allocations.

  7. I'm thinking the approach will be like iPad, i.e. you can attach a keyboard. They'll probably allow for a mouse too, but I see this going the way of a MS Surface, i.e. a mounted or tabletop machine. Touching the display does open a new can of ergonomic worms too.

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