Our OpenWorld Session

Yesterday, I promised details on the AppsLab session at OpenWorld.

Paul (@ppedrazzi) initially proposed our session, which he would have presented, had he not decided to ride off into the sunset. Good luck dude.

It’s too late to change the title and abstract of the session’s name, so it appears in the Schedule Builder as:

Web 2.0 Versus Enterprise 2.0: Lost in Translation; S313346

(Rich Manalang, Anthony Lai)

These days, with the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses are wondering how to integrate these technologies into their enterprises. In most cases, people just copy what is out there and put it behind the firewall. In some cases, this can be a boon, and in others, a disaster. This session will help you understand the reasons new Web technology has taken off and learn how to adapt it for success behind the firewall. Hear from the experts who have designed, built, and managed both internal and external social networking sites for nearly four years.

Schedule:  Tuesday, September 21, 5:00PM

Venue/Room: Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate C1

Here’s what you’ll really be getting from Rich (@rmanalan) and Anthony (@anthonyslai):

WebCenter: A Web Developer’s Playground

HTML5, REST APIs, JavaScript, JSON, Canvas, SVG… If you’re familiar with those terms, you’re probably a Web Developer.  In this session, you’ll see how Oracle’s WebCenter can be a Web Developer’s playground.  We’ll dive deep into how we utilize WebCenter’s REST APIs to build new age web apps and browser extensions.  Learn from Oracle’s internal WebCenter team and expert Web Developers.

The schedule and venue remain the same.

Yeah, I know OpenWorld is still a few months away, but I’m letting you know now so you can plan to be there. It’s going to rock.

Sound interesting? I’m hoping guys like John Sim and Raimonds (@rsim) will attend. Maybe Chet (@oraclenerd) and John (@jpiwowar) will be interested.

Anyone else? We’ll have to do this virally since the program guide won’t be updated, so spread the word.



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