More Goodies in the Latest WebCenter Chrome Extension

It’s been a while since I mentioned any work we’ve been doing. August was a month for relaxation for us as it is for many of you, so we took time out to recharge.

Today, Rich (@rmanalan) deployed another update to the Chrome extension that includes some nifty and useful features, bringing it to version 1.0.7.

What’s new:

  • Integration with non-SSO servers
  • Background polling for updates to the activity stream
  • Badge notification for unread activity stream items
  • A browser context menu item
  • Chrome desktop notifications

The background polling enables the unread items badge and the Chrome desktop notifications.

Unread items badge

Desktop notification

Both these enhancements allow you to stay aware of new activity in WebCenter without refreshing Spaces.

The context menu is hooked up for the screen capture elements, but Rich hasn’t finished the page title and URL piece yet.

Share on WebCenter context menu

This version is likely to be pretty close to what the guys show at OpenWorld in our “WebCenter: A Web Developer’s Playground” session. With OpenWorld coming up fast, there probably won’t be a ton of other new features to show.

Some of the changes Rich made are to support the OpenWorld demo environments. It’s looking like the WebCenter demo pods will have our Chrome extension installed. So, if you can’t make our session or you want a hands-on look, you can cruise by the demo grounds to see the extension in action and even play with it yourself.

I think the WebCenter pods will be in the Moscone West exhibition hall in the Fusion Middleware area, if you’re interested.

Thoughts on the Chrome extension?

Find the comments.

If you’re an employee and want to check out this sweet extension, drop a comment here or drop me an email for details.



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