A Windows Phone 7 Review, Not from Me

Louis Gray (@louisgray) posted a thoughtful and measured review of his HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 las week.

louisgray.com: Windows Phone 7 is the Best Windows I’ve Ever Tried

Side note, Louis does a nice job of avoiding fanboism, which I respect.

His feedback is similar to what I’ve seen from others, essentially, it doesn’t suck, which is how I felt when I tried first tried the IE9 beta and Windows 7 months ago.

I suspect that many geeks are generally so biased against everything Microsoft, that “doesn’t suck” is equivalent to high praise. Unless you’re Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), who is all-in for WP7 and Nokia.

I’m guilty of Microsoft bias too. I admit it.

I haven’t seen WP7 in person. Their “Really?” ad campaign makes me lulz, especially since I’ve seen a dude drop his phone in the urinal, way back in the brick phone days.

Bigger phone, bigger splash and bigger lulz.

It’s gutsy to position your phone as the phone you won’t use as much as the others, definitely a gamble.

As for WP7 itself, it’s really a no-fly for me until they update the IE7-based browser, which is said to be coming this year.

I’ll wait for the “partnership” with Nokia to bear fruit, which might be late this year. We’ll see.



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