WebCenter Spaces PS3 VirtualBox Appliance

I haven’t been in the loop much, what with the arrival of my daughter and all, but I’m starting to catch up on what’s been happening.

Here’s a WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) news item that you’ll like.

WebCenter Spaces PS3 VirtualBox Appliance « Peter Moskovits’ Oracle WebCenter Blog

I believe this is an update to the VM introduced in early February.

Why is this news? Well, if you read here, you’ll recall the struggle I had creating just such a VM in 2009, an opus in nine parts.

The beauty of a VM is that it allows you to create a sandbox to test new software releases and new stacks without compromising your existing system. Plus, a VM can be totally throw-away if you bork the process without much effort or loss.

Need more use cases? Chet (@oraclenerd) has shared several of his VM love stories.

So, head over to OTN, get the WebCenter PS3 VM and start playing with WebCenter.



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