Oracle Fusion Glass App

Lately, I have been working on a Glass App for Fusion CRM, as a research project for my own personal edification.  As developers,  the normal way to create a Glass app is to use HTML 5 and JSON to construct the timeline cards.  Building on Glass is like building a web application.  When going through… Read More

First 3 days as a Glass Explorer (Day 2)

Editor’s note: Read Anthony’s (@anthonyslai) full Glass adventure starting with the prologue, the week before, and Day 1 posts. I met with Jake and Noel the next day I got the Glass.  To anyone who tried it, everyone seemed to be pleasantly surprised with  the current features.  At that time, no Twitter and Facebook integration even existed.  Just… Read More

Anthony got tagged!

Got tagged by Rich Manalang and David Haimes, better write my 8 things. Yes, it is a bit late, hope people consider late is better than never. 1. I have joined Oracle over 7 years, reaching my 8th year anniversary. Studied in UC Berkeley for my Bachelor and Stanford for my Master degree. 2. I… Read More