“Enterprise 2.0” is Weak

With apologies to Andrew McAfee, I hate the term Enterprise 2.0. Actually, I’m not crazy about Web 2.0 as a moniker either, but that’s not why I think Enterprise 2.0 is lame.

Remember when B2B was the next great Internet business model? B2C was so 1997. All the cool companies were in the B2B space (kudos to Marc Andreessen for pointing out that space is bogus). Never mind the fact that B2C showed actual, tangible revenues. B2B was the Internet for business. Internet for grown-ups.

My point isn’t around good or bad business models. My point is that what works for consumers won’t always work for enterprises. So, why do we insist on square-pegging what works for consumers on the Internet into the enterprise, starting with what we call it?

Are we really that lazy?

If Web 2.0 is really transformational, the applications of its principles to business should also be.

By the way, thanks to SAP for making it worse by using Enterprise 2.1 in the wild this week. Funny, sounds like a back-rev, since Shai Agassi was talking Enterprise 3.0 as recently as December 2006.




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