What’s Next?

Lately, our plans have started coming into focus. If you read here, you probably know we built Mix with ThoughtWorks back in November. Since January, Marketing has been making plans to use Mix a lot more heavily, starting with this year’s Openworld. Yesterday, I told you about the project and the new direct messaging feature… Read More

Going around, Coming around

The ‘Lab is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary. I plan to blog something more formal closer to the date, but this post about Salesforce.com integrating with Google Apps reminded me of why I am on the team at all. Back in late 2006, I had just moved into Jesper’s strategy organization from development, and I… Read More

Fixes and New Stuff for Mix

Mix has been live for over a month now, and just before Christmas, Rich and Anthony dumped a bunch of bug fixes and new stuff. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Many of these are ideas that people submitted, so this is the part where I say the system works. This is also the part… Read More

New Web, New World

In the past, I’ve blogged about Twitter exchanges I’ve had with Craig Cmehil who works over at SAP. Yesterday, he, Ethan Jewett, who is an SAP BI consultant at an SAP and Oracle partner, and I had an interesting discussion about how to drive new web innovation internally. That conversation begot my post and one… Read More

Admit it, we’re all free agents!

Google recently launched Knol. It is essentially a Wikipedia where authors can build up a personal brand. In addition, they can even monetize pages they author via, surprise surprise, Google Ads. Personally, I think the concept is brilliant. It plays on everyone’s need to feel special and that can’t hurt participation. As I dove deeper… Read More

First Meeting of the Working Group

I’ve mentioned the group a couple times, and today, Paul announced the meeting details for the inaugural meeting of the Working Group our support group for new web practitioners.  Bounce over and check it out, if you’ve not already. The call will be held at 0900 PST on Wednesday, December 19, and the plan is… Read More

How Do You Do Enterprise 2.0?

Craig Cmehil, Ethan Jewett and I had an interesting conversation (over Twitter, natch) earlier today about demand for New Web tools like Twitter, social networking, social bookmarking inside the firewall. Twitter’s 140 character limitation sometimes leads to convolution, but I think the core question was how do you approach internal demand for these tools? From… Read More

The Working Group

I teased this in my last post on the Blogging Council, which struck me as similar in purpose, but different in execution, to Paul’s latest brain child, The Working Group. The Working Group isn’t an Oracle thing or an AppsLab thing. If you’ve read here for more than a few weeks, you’ll know we encounter… Read More

Hug a Developer

First off, sorry for sending spam and bacn, the other inbox meat, all over the place. I’m trying to build a community here, so mind the dust. Remember Puneet from Life in the Bullpen? His comment on an idea of mine got me thinking of another reason why you should use Mix. The network humanizes… Read More

Mix is Live

Today is a big day for Oracle and our team. We have been cranking pretty hard for the last 6 weeks to get here. Where are we you ask? We’ll, I like to think of it as camp. Y’know in those everest trips how the teams have to reach a series of camps before their… Read More

The OpenLab

When we started our Connect experiment in August, one goal we had for the project was to engage the tens of thousands of technical folks at Oracle in something new. We call it OpenLab, and it’s run like an Open Source project within Oracle. The only thing we ask participants to do is use free… Read More

OpenWorld Blogger Update

So, a few updates for those interested in attending OpenWorld as a blogger. The registration process is now working, and we have a few confirmed attendees, including Vinnie and Jeff, who have also graciously offered to help plan the agenda for bloggers, which I think is still in the works. Because of the sheer number… Read More

Why 2.0 Didn’t Start in the Enterprise

As I was sitting down with the family enjoying some Baskin Robbins (Peanut Butter Chocolate rules!) last night I began to wonder why all this cool new “2.0” stuff didn’t originate in the existing companies providing software to enterprises? Since the new web is a lot about enabling people to share information, it seems likely… Read More

Remember Rockwell?

Some of you may remember Rockwell, a.k.a. Kenneth William Gordy, the son of Motown Records head Berry Gordy, and his only hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me“. Released in 1984, the song featured Michael and Jermaine Jackson singing chorus. I always liked that song, and thanks to the Long Tail of music, this one-hit wonder gem lives… Read More

On Ties

The term social networking, like blog, has a fluffy connotation. Because its adoption began with young people through MySpace, many people assume that social networks are toys and time-sinks. Actually, they are correct on both accounts. However, as working stiffs like yours truly and people who understand us immerse ourselves in social networks, new uses… Read More

A River of Information Runs Through It

Recent coverage (NYT, Mashable) of FriendFeed reminded me of discussions we’ve had about Connect features. Basically, FriendFeed applies the Facebook News Feed feature to the entire Interwebs, or at the 23 services they integrate with today. You have a(nother) network of friends. Everyone posts stuff to the FriendFeed, which aggregates the posts into a river… Read More

More from the ASU ERP Implementation

Following last week’s coverage of the Arizona State ERP implementation, the Dr. Adrian Sannier, the University Technology Officer, has responded in his blog. It’s an interesting read. He points out that the mainstream coverage has focused primarily on the Payroll problems the new system had, which is understandable; it’s human interest, and yeah, it totally… Read More