Search Plugins for AppsLab

Now that we’ve been around for a few months and have some posts in the archive, I decided it was time to roll out a search plugin for our blog. If you frequent this space, you’ll know about search engine plugins. If you don’t, here’s a quick primer.

So, I’m happy to announce that the AppsLab blog search plugin is available via Autodiscovery on this very page. Check your search box.

If you’re using Firefox 2, when you navigate to a site with Autodiscovery, the search box lights up like this:


Pull down the arrow, and you’ll see the blog search plugin.


If you’re using IE7, the same process looks like this:


And this.


If you using something else, I really am sorry. I wish other browsers supported OpenSearch. Standards are good.

Now you can quickly find that nugget you wish you’d bookmarked or shared with Google Reader. Enjoy. For employees, I am rolling these out for our internal properties, like IdeaFactory.



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