IPhone Roundup

I’m just now catching up on my feeds. FYI, it looks like Plaxo is set for a big announcement Monday, addressing social network profile aggregation and network segmentation. Must be true, Om Malik, Mike Arrington and Robert Scoble, the triad of truth have all covered it. Actually, Om didn’t cover it, but 2/3 works for me. Plus, I’m now in love with the moniker “triad of truth”.

I’ve heard from some of you about my iPhone-related fodder, so I thought I’d share a few items that caught my eye.

In possibly the greatest promotion of all time, the 99¢ Only Store is celebrating its 25th anniversary by selling iPhones to the first nine customers in line at their first location in Westchester on August 12, 2007. Oh yeah, some other people might be there too, Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, and Tyra Banks, from nearby Inglewood. But who cares, they’re selling iPhones for 99¢!

Backstory goes like this, I love these stores from when I lived in LA, right near one. This is a great example of why. Enough said.


This story about a replacement iPhone and the “tool” Apple includes to remove the sim card from the iPhone. I love the title “Paperclip: Designed by Apple in California”.

And finally, the blogfather, Dave Winer, says “the iPhone is a great example, but it’ll be a short-lived product, I think, kind of like the Apple III or the Newton”. q.e.d.



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