All Your (Oracle) Blogs are Belong to Us

So, about a month ago when I released the Oracle Blogs search engine plugins, Carl asked a very valid question. Why can’t I search all the blogs listed at, regardless of whether they are hosted by Oracle or not? I thought about this, contemplating creating a Custom Google Search Engine and a plugin against… Read More

IPhone Roundup

I’m just now catching up on my feeds. FYI, it looks like Plaxo is set for a big announcement Monday, addressing social network profile aggregation and network segmentation. Must be true, Om Malik, Mike Arrington and Robert Scoble, the triad of truth have all covered it. Actually, Om didn’t cover it, but 2/3 works for… Read More

My iPhone Review

After a month, the torrent of iPhone reviews has begun, so who am I to miss a chance to jump on the bandwagon. Actually, a reader suggested that I blog about the iPhone as a business tool, and I know that a lot of people out there either have one or are sorely tempted to… Read More

Odd News

In case you’ve been wondering, I collect these stories, and when I get a few, I dump them. Like it, don’t like it, tell me in Comments. Details on Taser’s XREP electric shotgun shell emerge From Engadget, cool and frightening all at once. Chinese Youth Killed By Cell Phone Battery Blast It’s supposed to be… Read More

Did You Buy an iPhone?

I broke down and bought one for my wife, a longtime smartphone user, to replace her Treo 680, which isn’t very old. Palm has already released a couple newer Treos, so even at less than a year old, that little guy was a relic. Leading up to June 29, I got more and more sick… Read More