Big Ideas, Bigger Participation

factory.gifWe debuted the IdeaFactory roughly a month ago, with Justin launching it for us. In that time, we’ve had:

  • More than 9,000 page views.
  • About 2,000 visits from over 1,000 unique visitors.
  • An average time spent of 12 minutes per visit.
  • An average of more than 4.5 pages viewed per visit.
  • 45% of our visitors returned at least once.
  • 38% of our visitors stayed at least one minute on the site.
  • A big spike in the past 2 days, serving 1,600 pageviews to 350 visitors.

And we’re big in Japan, they are our third highest region for visits behind the U.S. and the U.K.

Digging deeper, I found that we’ve had strong participation numbers, too.

  • 132 users have logged in to the system. Rich hooked IdeaFactory up to our corporate LDAP server so everyone has access. Login is only required to perform an action, like add an idea, vote on an idea, comment on an idea, track your ideas, track your favorite ideas.
  • 70 ideas have been submitted. This is a bit under the total number of ideas, since we have a lot of idea-overlap, great minds thinking alike and whatnot.
  • 152 comments have been made on the 70 ideas, many of them refining the idea. We’ve found IdeaFactory has also become something of a knowledge base where people discover projects.
  • 354 votes have been cast for ideas.

Because the IdeaFactory is visible to all and you have to login to do something, we are seeing a pretty common new web distribution of visitors: a lot of readers, a smaller group of voters, and a smaller group of contributors. Our demographic spans the entire company, in all divisions, all job functions, all levels, including executives.

Overall, considering the viral distribution of the IdeaFactory internally and its short run of 30 days, we’re very pleased. The ideas and comments are good, and we’re happy to keep the collaboration rolling. If you’re a reader and an employee and you haven’t gone to IdeaFactory, you really should see what’s cooking.

Stayed tuned for more on what we’re doing. To tease you, our new project went into alpha when I started typing. Rich says we have 200 users, an hour after we had 3 (you know we three amigos as Justin calls us). More to come on this alpha project, I promise.




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