Google Reader Updates

reader_search.pngMashable has a nice nexus post for me. They note (as I did) that: 1) Google Reader can now count up to 1000 and 2) That Reader now has search, which I also blogged about recently.

Comparing the searches (i.e. the built-in one and the hacked together one), the integrated one is very nice. It allows for search results viewing as well as the standard Extended and List views. Plus, it searches all history of your feeds (as does the custom one), which is nice, if you want to do some discovery on your favorite feeds.

If you use Firefox and have the OpenSearchFox add-on installed, you can instantly create a search engine plugin for Google Reader. Eddie has a screencast on this process.

Anyway, now I get to read this news in umpteen different blogs, and so do you, including this one! Or if you’re using this as your source for news, thanks.



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