Off to OpenWorld

I’m headed out to San Francisco early tomorrow morning and will be around the event all day, probably on Twitter.

I’m debating whether to take both the Macbook and PC. The Macbook’s battery life is a huge plus, whereas the PC can barely get booted on a full charge, which is annoying at best.  The problem is files on my PC might be critical, so as I write this, I’ve decided to carry an external drive instead. I really don’t want to answer questions at security about why I’m carrying two laptops. Plus, it’ll be pretty heavy, and a disaster if I lose my bag.

So, that’s decided, thanks for reading my stream of consciousness. Anyway, I’m going to try to keep this spot fresh with OpenWorld coverage. Maybe Paul and Rich (remember them) or Anthony (our new guy) can channel me. If you want more coverage, follow the event on Twitter as I described here.

If you’re attending, we should catch up; I always like meeting in the real world. My schedule is in flux, but if you check out the sessions of interest to bloggers, there’s a good chance I’ll be at these, definitely at the AppsLab ones.

If you’re not attending, stay tuned to this channel for updates. There will be interesting stuff announced, as is typical for OpenWorld. Plus, AppsLab may have some cool stuff to announce too.

Consider yourself teased.




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