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FriendFeedDisqus announced an integration with FriendFeed today.

We’ve used Disqus for a while here and were early FriendFeed adopters. I like both services but have struggled to keep up with comments on FriendFeed that apply to posts made here. The FriendFeed plugin was great, but that stopped working a few months ago.

DisqusSo, the news that Disqus will be pulling comments made on blog posts in FriendFeed was welcome. While setting this up, I decided to create an account for the team, theappslab, just as I did with Twitter, also theappslab.

Feel free to follow (on Twitter) or subscribe (on FriendFeed) if you need more AppsLab goodness in your life.

FriendFeed is always on the verge for me. I like it, but I can’t keep track of all its content. The recent release of FriendDeck as an AIR client has me pondering (again) if I can effectively throttle the noise level that’s always kept me from fully embracing FriendFeed. It’s basically a clone of my Twitter AIR client of choice, TweetDeck, which does a good job keeping the Twitter noise down for me.

If you use FriendFeed, let me know your tips in comments.

I haven’t seen what the Disqus-FriendFeed integration looks like just yet. They say it takes a day or so to comb all the activity on FriendFeed and pull out the comments. Ideally, comments will show inline with regular Disqus comments, allowing for a response from either a Disqus or FriendFeed account.

I’ve left a few test comments, and I’m hoping to see how they are surfaced soon. Stay tuned.

So, why you ask?

I guess Dan’s point about having multiple ways (and reminders) to consume and comment on posts here is a good thing.

Like Visa, theappslab is everywhere you want to beI’m also thinking that these accounts are ways we can collect ideas (for posts) and FYI-type news items, too. I plan to keep an eye on these accounts. So, if you have an idea, but don’t want comment here or email it to us, you now have two other ways to get our attention.

Today was a slow news day for me, and I don’t have any topics on deck that I really wanted to blog. So, this is what I have to offer. From now on, you can suggest topics via FriendFeed or Twitter.




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