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The AppsLab on my iPhone, sweet!Did you know that for quite some time now (months), this blog has been optimized for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phone viewing?

Rich installed the WPtouch plugin what seems like years ago. I know, time has lost its meaning for me.

In the past, I rarely came here on my iPhone, forgetting we had this plugin installed, but the latest update to WPtouch does a great job styling this blog for the iPhone Safari interface.

I really dislike waiting for anything, and frequently, I use the iPhone to take my mind off how annoyed I am when I’m waiting for something. Now I can be productive and answer your comments.

So, if you have one of those new-fangled phones and love to read this blog (read: bored in an airport or on a train), check out how we look.

Or just look at the screen capture, nod and get on with your day.




  1. Thanks for this info. I noticed this a few weeks (or maybe months) ago and wondered how it was so nice and easy on the eyes when viewed via the iPhone. Maybe I'll try the same for my site.

  2. Glad you noticed and like it. I debated blogging that post from the iPhone, but I don't think I could have included a picture. Plus, my fingers would get pretty tired.

  3. Nice, you always have a tip for blogging related stuff. I don't mean to be iPhone centric, but it's tough for me. I guess I should give equal time.

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