OpenWorld Call for Papers

remember fail cat? i do b/c i am an uber tweeterDid you catch the announcement yesterday that the OpenWorld 2009 Call for Papers is on like Donkey Kong?

The call lasts until April 19, and it sounds like the Suggest a Session program on Mix will be renewed in June. The OpenWorld blog offers some tips on proposal submission:

  • Give your paper a clear and concise title.
  • Create an abstract that describes your presentation’s value for attendees.
  • Make sure you can categorize your submission with relevant tracks.
  • Include tags to help classify your paper.
  • Tell us the type of session.
  • Pick an appropriate Session Category.

I spoke with Paul last year, but this year, it’s time to emerge from his shadow and spread my wings (and mix my metaphors). I’m currently drafting my proposal, and it’s not, by any means, ready. However, because we’re such pals, I wanted to share it with you first and get your feedback and input.

Session title: How to Use Twitter

Abstract: Wunnering how 2 get started w/hottest Internet fad since FB? ! sure how 2 boil down ur thoughts in2 140 chars? NW I can halp. Come 2 my session & learn how 2 tweet. Maybe @THE_REAL_SHAQ or @britneyspears or @rmanalan will follow you, w00t! Dun worry Twitter is very serious/big business now. U can put it on ur resume for ur next gig.
About the Presenter: @jkuramot has a degree in Twitterology & more than 5k tweets to prove it. New blog post:
Tracks: All, Twitter applies to everything universally. You’d know that if you attended my session.
HashTags: #twitter, #oow2009, #oracle, #web20expert, #socialmediaexpert, #myhashtaggingskillzrule
Session Category: Awesomesauce

So, what do you think? That might be keynote material by October.

Anyway, there was a useful nugget in there. So reading this wasn’t a full fail. Happy Intertubes Useless Day.

Note: The call for papers is real. My paper is a joke. I had planned to skip this whole April Fools’ deal, but a friend’s tweet got me laughing about the irony of saying the ‘tubes were useless on Twitter of all places. Anyway, no tweets were harmed in the composition of this post.




  1. Why not submit that paper? At a minimum you could tie it into Oracle and show:
    1. How to get questions answered
    2. How to search for Oracle jobs
    3. …you are better with lists than I am.

    I would certainly like to see the Oracle Tweeters list expanded.

  2. Thank you for being the only one who commented on my April Fools' post. I think maybe *you* should submit it. My sense is something like that would go over better if it came from a customer.

    Did you notice each sentence in the proposal was less than 140 characters 🙂 I didn't check each one. I just know. That's how good I am at Twitter.

  3. I hadn't noticed…nice work though.

    I'm not as savvy as you at the SM stuff yet. I would love to see an expert (would you consider yourself an expert?) in the field.

  4. Oh noes! No, no, a thousand times no.

    That was why this was a fun prank post. I thought about a social media expert spin, but I was worried it wouldn't be taken as a joke.

    I'm just a geek who hacks sometimes and does product management and blogging for work. I'm an expert at nothing, check my bio 😉

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