Now with Video Comments

When I upgraded the Disqus widget, I didn’t mention that you can now leave video comments, thanks to the Disqus-Seesmic integration.

Rich's riveting video comment.Rejoice.

Rich tested it out recently. He was speechless.

It’s pretty simple. Just click the Use Media link directly below the comment box and choose Record video. This link only appear below the main comment box, not in any of the Reply boxes, and you can’t reply with a video to another person’s video comment. Although you can reply by text.

You don’t even have to sign up with Seesmic; they support anonymous comments.

I’m highly dubious of the value of video commenting. Based on a lot of the commentary you see on blogs, I wonder if people would say the same things in video that they do in print. Most comments are anonymous anyway, which is tougher to pull off in video.

Although that might be funny.

I wasn’t even going to mention it, leaving it as an Easter Egg.

Blame Rich.

Anyway, if it’s your cup of tea, leave a video comment.



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