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Photo by our good friend Eddie Awad, used under Creative Commons

Photo by our good friend Eddie Awad, used under Creative Commons

So, it’s only 170-some days until Oracle OpenWorld 2009, but if you’re into getting the worm, you’ll be happy to know that registration is open.

That was an early bird reference.

Anyway, you can get that coveted discount now until August 14, meaning you still have some time to talk your boss into letting you go. The good people in Marketing know that you might need some help this year, and there’s now a Registration ROI section that will help you convince the boss.

One way good way to make a stronger argument is to have a paper accepted. The call for papers has been extended to April 26, so you have a few more days to ponder and polish.

Seems like each year, there are more ways to keep tabs on the OpenWorld excitement, if the good old web page won’t do it for you. This year, there’s the OpenWorld blog, the OpenWorld wiki, a Facebook group, @oracleopenworld on Twitter, a LinkedIn group (if you’re the serious type), a YouTube channel, and the best for last, Oracle Mix group.

Stay tuned because I’m sure they’ll have some crazy cool stuff happening on Mix.

No word yet on the Blogger Program and whether we’ll be there or not, fingers crossed.




  1. Jake, I hope this post doesn't get lost in the shuffle of that other teeny tiny bit of news from Oracle today, but once the server traffic dies down, I plan to check the ROI document that you referenced. Our division manages its own conference (which is A BIT smaller than OpenWorld), and providing meaningful conference content that brings a positive ROI to attendees is definitely a challenge that all conference organizers need to meet.

    Thanks also for the comprehensive list of OpenWorld resources; I didn't know about the Facebook group.

    Now the conference people just have to find another sponsor – I suspect that Sun won't be renewing its sponsorship this year… 🙂

  2. Yeah, I like the addition of the ROI document this year, very topical. I'm curious to see what they do with the various ways to keep track of OOW. Maybe you can donate your FriendFeed room, since that's the only service missing. Or was that Eddie's?

  3. is Eddie's. Incidentally, it shows why we need more intelligent search, since it searches for occurrences of “oow.” Unfortunately this picks up a lot of false positives (“Oow I hit my head on the door!”). The search technologies with which I am familiar cannot distinguish why that phrase is unimportant, while “landing at oakland to go to oow” WOULD be important.

  4. Which leads to annoying hacks like hashtags, in turn leading to debates of the “right” hashtag.

    Search has always been about good enough, not good.

  5. I like the concept, but that wouldn't account for people who (for whatever reason) neglected to mention “Oracle.” Take my example “landing at oakland to go to oow”; if I were to see this at the appropriate time of year, I as a human would realize that “oow” stood for Oracle OpenWorld. How do we teach that logic to a search algorithm?

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