Wayback Machine: 24 Months Ago

It’s nearly over, you made it. I’ll be back soon to answer all your comments, right after I catch up on thousand or so emails.

We didn’t really start blogging until June 2007, so technically it’s 23 months, but here’s the archive from June 2007.

Wow, some oldies, but goodies in that bunch. Hoped you enjoyed those blasts from the recent past. I’ll get back to talking about Connect and Twitter soon.




  1. I remember that TED presentation. I think I even went so far as to go (and try to) download the software. Still waiting for the OSS version though.

  2. It's a great presentation, and Hans is a very entertaining presenter. FYI he did another similar TED Talk on HIV in February 2009, also online. Highly recommend it.


    Unfortunately, I've never found a data set that fits. Someday.

    It's available as part of the Data Visualization APIs I think. Why do you want an OSS version?

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