OpenWorld Manifest: Days 0 and 1

Even though many of you are either here in rainy San Francisco or are following OpenWorld via its many virtual channels (#oow09 on Twitter, OpenWorld Live, OraNA (and @orana), etc.), I figured I’d give you a list of what I’ve been doing.

Sunday, Day 0:

  • Landed around 11:30 in Oakland.
  • Spent 35 minutes in the Bay Bridge maze.
  • Saw an awesome OMG!!! PONIES!1! bumper sticker.
  • Missed the start of Chris Bucchere‘s Ruby session.
  • Hung out with Rich and Raimonds after the session.
  • Went to the not-yet-open OTN Lounge to visit Justin.
  • Noted his ORACLENERD shirt, lurking under his fleece.
  • Plotted world domination with Rich over giant burritos.
  • Waited to meetup with Floyd.
  • Ran into Ted and had a drink.
  • Bailed on Floyd who had better things to do 🙂
  • Checked into hotel to discover the bar and room service were already closed.
  • Felt disappointed.

Monday, Day 1:

  • Arrived at OTN Lounge to catch the morning keynote.
  • Plotted world domination with Rich.
  • Ran into Tim.
  • Plotted world domination with Paul.
  • Said hello to Floyd before his unconference session.
  • Had a ZOMG moment when he gave us Mars Rover stickers.
  • Forgave him for blowing me off on Sunday 🙂
  • Plotted world domination with Rich, Paul and Anthony.
  • Went to WebCenter 11g Strategy and Vision session.
  • Met our new boss, Rahul Patel.
  • Plotted more world domination over lunch.
  • Made the end of the WebCenter 11g introduction session.
  • Noticed each session listed available space and reserved space.
  • Chatted with Paul about how to build a game for speakers around those numbers.
  • Chatted with Paul about predictive markets and under/over for session attendance.
  • Decided that would be fun to pitch to Marketing next year.
  • Hunkered down in the OTN Lounge to get serious on that domination.
  • Ran into Floyd again.
  • Met Espen, who had been stalking me on Foursquare 🙂
  • Said hello to Marius.
  • Headed to WebCenter 11g REST session.
  • Got promoted to Superuser Level 1 in Foursquare.
  • Gloated.
  • Left session with some questions that we’ll need to address.
  • Hiked over to the Hilton with Anthony for WebCenter 11g hands-on lab.
  • Finished the lab before Anthony.
  • Gloated.
  • Stole my first Foursquare mayorship, Jillian’s, doubt that will last.
  • Had drinks with my old boss.
  • Headed back to my hotel.

I’ll try to keep a log. It’s rainy like crazy today, which should make for an interesting day or more.



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