OpenWorld Manifest: Day 2

Wow, so it rained a bunch today, and it was windy. Like a tropical storm or something. Not the best weather for me, being umbrella-phobic and all. I nearly had my eye poked out a dozen times, not a good day to be anti-umbrella.

Anyway, here we go.

Tuesday, Day 2:

  • Woke up to rain and wind.
  • Looked out the hotel window to see Bay Bridge traffic backed up to Berkeley.
  • Decided to catch the morning keynote on OpenWorld Live.
  • Watched the keynote, stoked to be on the WebCenter team.
  • Ventured out into the rain.
  • Soaked through shirt and undershirt on the way to car.
  • Sat in Bay Bridge maze for 45 minutes, recurring theme.
  • Noticed how much angrier Bay Area drivers are compared to Portland drivers.
  • Understood why.
  • Felt bad for people who have to cross the Bay Bridge every day.
  • Tweeted in traffic.
  • Checked Google Maps traffic to confirm I was totally hosed.
  • Felt nervous on the top deck of the Bay Bridge in 40 mph wind gusts.
  • Made it to Moscone unscathed.
  • Confronted fear of umbrellas.
  • Ducked into Moscone West to avoid wet clothes contest.
  • Stole Foursquare mayorship of Moscone West.
  • Gloated to myself.
  • Chatted with Bex in the OTN Lounge.
  • Skipped a session to stay dry.
  • Thought I lost my phone. Eek.
  • Ran into Meg and Vivian.
  • Felt bad for being discombobulated about my phone.
  • Found my phone.
  • Felt sheepish.
  • Ran into Anthony.
  • Convinced myself someone was blocking Brizzly and this blog to annoy me.
  • Confirmed suspicions.
  • Felt annoyed.
  • Had lunch with Anthony and Dan.
  • Learned from Dan that I couldn’t get an Exadata 2 instance to make Connect awesome-scary fast.
  • Came to terms with that.
  • Avoided umbrella eye-pokes.
  • Returned to the OTN Lounge.
  • Got the high hat from Floyd, again 🙂
  • Attended a WebCenter Spaces demo.
  • Learned some things.
  • Plotted world domination with Matt, Dan, Paul, Floyd in the OTN Lounge.
  • Went to a customer event.
  • Went to the blogger meetup.
  • Met a bunch of people.
  • Caught up with people I know.
  • Thanked Justin and Alex for paying and hosting.
  • Hugged Floyd, Amy, Meg.
  • Caught up with Floyd, finally.
  • Wandered around SOMA a little.
  • Blogged about it all.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.




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