Raimonds Releases Updates to ruby-plsql gem

Earlier this week, friend of the ‘Lab Raimonds Simanovskis (@rsim) released ruby-plsql 0.4.0, which includes support for several complex Oracle datatypes and added some basic table and sequence operations for unit testing.

As you know, we’re big fans of Ruby in all its incarnations, and if you’re an Oracle developer, you know PL/SQL. So, the great thing about Raimonds’ work with Oracle and Ruby is that allows you to build dynamic web apps against data in Oracle databases leveraging skills you already have.

Even if you’re not familiar with Ruby or Rails, you’ve probably bumped into them on the intertubes. Twitter is a Rails app. 37 Signals‘ apps are Rails apps. Oracle Mix is a JRuby on Rails app.

You get the idea.

Anyway, Raimonds has not only been contributing gems to the Ruby community that allow for Rails development on Oracle, he has been building sweet web apps against Oracle data for clients. I’ve seen them. They’re awesome, and I wish I could share them with you.

Now that you can get Oracle DB for the Mac, Rails developers have one less hurdle for building apps against Oracle databases.

So, if you’re an Oracle developer, why not check out Rails or JRuby if you’re a Java developer? The Ruby community is very open, and I’m sure Raimonds would be happy to help (and could use help).

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