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I miss Mulder and Scully, sometimes.I know very little, erm nothing really, about APEX, but I do know there’s a robust and tight-knit community of APEX developers out there, including (but not limited to) Chet (@oraclenerd) and Dimitri (@dgielis).

I know this because friend of the ‘Lab Carl Backstrom talked about it a lot, like every chance he got.

Little known fact, we seriously considered rebuilding Connect in APEX about 18 months ago. Well known (or should be anyway) fact, OraTweet, Noel’s (@noelportugal) pet project, is built in APEX.

Anyway, as you may know, Carl died suddenly and tragically in a car accident just over a year ago, and I recently, through OraNA, I stumbled across an interesting and wonderful APEX community project dedicated to his memory.

Marco Gralike (@MGralike) began the project back in November. He had attended an OpenWorld 2008 session co-presented by Mark Drake and Carl that showcased the capabilities of APEX and Oracle XML Database.

For the session, Carl had rebuilt the standard XMLDB demo, called XFILES, in APEX, and he ultimately hoped to clean up and package the APEX code for redistribution to the community.

So, in memory of Carl and to benefit the APEX community, Marco began the XFILES project, which has already reached an “early adopter” 0.1 release.

Check out more details and follow the progress over at Marco’s blog, and if you’re an APEX developer or want to learn a new skillset, why not join the XFILES project and help finish Carl’s work.




  1. I really have no idea about APEX, but I ll forward this post to some friends of mine who are APEX developers..they might be interested..

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