WebCenter Mobile Integrations

Lots of WebCenter mobile stuff lately, including the Spaces iPhone app and John Sim’s work with mobile platforms.

Even as the guys dropped the first beta version of the new-new Chrome extension for WebCenter last week, Anthony has been tinkering with WebCenter integration on Android. Interested? Here’s the scenario.

You’re in a meeting, the ideas are flowing, and the white board is filling up with diagrams and flows. The meeting ends, and everyone is stoked.

But wait, how do you capture the content on that white board? Unless you have one of those fancy projectors that scans a white board (you probably don’t), or you have a scribe in the room to copy the content, you’re in a pickle.

What if you could just take a picture and share it to a collaborative space where all the team members are already sharing ideas and documents?

That’s what Anthony’s building for Android.

He’s built an app that uses the camera to take pictures and share them, with notes, to any space in WebCenter, and he’s adding an option to Android’s share-to menu that will share photos you’ve already taken to WebCenter.

Incidentally, the share-to menu is available in other apps too, and ideally, he’ll be adding “Share to WebCenter” to those too. So, if you find a web page that you want to share with your team, just choose WebCenter from the share-to menu, very much like the Chrome extension’s first iteration and the WebCenter bookmarklet.

And yes, we know this would be killer for iOS4 devices too. The plan is to build for them eventually, but we have a weird problem. None of us has an iPhone or iPad for development.

So, we need to fix that gap first.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’ve been trying to get a guest post from the team that built the Spaces iPhone app, stay tuned.

Find the comments and let us know what you think of all this mobile stuff.




  1. Wow.. Great innovation!
    Looking forward to its release & to install it onto my Android 🙂

  2. For now, this will be inside the firewall stuff (sorry), but we might be able to work something out just for you 🙂 It's my mission to get these nuggets released into the wild, as part of product or as standalone stuff. Stay tuned.

  3. Looking good; that's definitely a killer use case that I can imagine using routinely. We have something similar on the road map for v2 of the iPhone app; I keep meaning to bug you for the document upload code 😀

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