All Your Online Activity on a Timeline

Memolane puts all your checkins and activity on a timeline, foursquare checkins, tweets and Facebook updates, YouTube videos, flickr and Picasa photos, TripIt trips and music from

Tell a story with your checkins, tweets and photos on Memolane [INVITES]

According to the post, they’re taking requests for other services too, including Untappd, the network for beer drinking.

The internet knows a ton about us, much of these data available via public APIs. So, a service like Memolane was only a matter of time.

I’m a bit annoyed that they don’t support authentication via OAuth (Twitter or Facebook Connect) because as I’ve said recently, onboarding is a key part of the experience, since I’m trusting them to broker my credentials with these other services.

I’m also a bit concerned that my timeline won’t show all the fun times I’ve had IRL (like in their video), but instead, show how much time I spend at my desk being pithy.

Memolane essentially does what services like Tumblr and Posterous do, i.e. make blogging easier. Sometimes, people call this life-blogging, which is a bit odd, considering that blogging began as online journaling, i.e. a web log of a person’s life.

I guess this is the faster version.

Update: One immediate problem is that Twitter doesn’t surface old tweets, not via their API or at all from what I understand. Browsing foursquare checkins is a nice reminder, especially if they’re accompanied by a photo. What’s obvious right away is the amount of data increases very quickly over the last 18 months.



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