MicroPointing’s Miniature Mouse

Lately, there’s been a flood of interesting concepts, from touchless control, to gesture control, to foldable displays. Now, check out the micropointer.

Interface Design: Ring-Based Controls – Core77

I love the video production. It feels like it’s been lifted directly from Robocop or Demolition Man, very “vision of the future”. I kept expecting Cyberdyne Systems or Omni Consumer Products to pop up at the end.

I wonder when these innovations will trickle into products. For the foreseeable future, the innovations seem incremental, i.e. cramming more capabilities like NFC, multiband receivers, faster processors, into an already tiny device. Given the not-very-astounding news that the World Health Organization upgraded cell phones to probably carcinogenic, there’s likely to be a movement toward operating devices from a safe distance, which should spur some of these innovations into product.

Although I suppose it will be a challenge to find any way to control a device wirelessly without using some form of wireless.





  1. Hi. The video quality is great. Can’t stand the guys voice though. Makes me wince. Not sure why. Just freaks me out. 🙂

    Waiting for an ear ring with one of these things on. A casual scratch of the ear and you’ll target someone for elimination. Mu ha ha ha… etc.



  2. +1 on the narrator, like I said, reminds me of Dr. Raymond Cocteau from Demolition Man. I’ll see your earring of death and raise you a finger of death, a la Bodysnatchers. Point and kill.

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