Fun with the OOW Mix Session Voting Data

Rich (@rmanalan) pointed me to this interesting walk through of the Mix (@oraclemix) Suggest-a-Session voting for this year’s OpenWorld.

Data Science Fun with the OOW Mix Session Voting Data | Structured Data

Greg Rahn (@gregrahn) does a nice job visualizing the data and pointing out some anomalies and the importance of having a social network to mobilize for votes.

You might recall that we added Rich’s session on mobile to the hat, even though as employees, we couldn’t win. At least we can point to some demand for mobile content, if anyone asks, since the session got 50 votes, even running as a lame duck of sorts.

Greg mentions that Mix is “crawler friendly” with well defined codes and tags. This is nice to hear, since we built Mix years ago, and by design. I’m glad someone decided to use the data that can be extracted from Mix to produce an interesting set of data visualizations.



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