Details of Android 4.0 and Galaxy Nexus New Features

TechCrunch has a long walkthrough of the cool stuff in Android 4.0 and the hardware features of the Galaxy Nexus. I didn’t really expect to have device envy, since the Nexus S is a really nice device, but when I saw “zero shutter lag” and immediately wanted a bump.

My daughter is the reason. She’s always moving, so getting a decent shot is challenging at best. To capture her cuteness, I have to take 20-30 shots and hope for the best. Zero shutter lag and rapid-fire shots, both shown in the video, would be awesome.

I guess one small consolation is that the Nexus S will get 4.0 soon, although it doesn’t look like the camera stuff is software. I’ll get the other enhancements soon.

Yet Another Update: One key bit I glossed over is that the Galaxy Nexus (I’m seeing it called GNex a few places) looks like a Verizon exclusive, at least initially. So, upgrading is right out for me, since I had to get into a new contract when I got the Nexus S. Those early termination fees will get you every time.

Big bummer too, since my testing on the MiFi showed LTE speeds were smokin’ fast.

Update: Can’t get the right no script version, will update if I find it. For now, hit the link to watch the 15 minute video.

Another Update: Finally, enjoy.

There’s other cool stuff in there too, and I’m sifting through the coverage now. From what I’ve seen, this is a nice update, bringing a lot of the features from Honeycomb to the phone. Even so, it’s incremental and not mind-blowingly innovative. Sometimes incremental is enough.

Stay tuned for more thoughts.

Final update: Looks like the camera features might be software (not hardware) enhancements, given that the camera seems pretty similar in specs to the one on other recent Samsung models. Also, the Nexus S will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich goodness soon. W00t! 

Face unlock looks cool (favoring convenience over security), as does the NFC-Beam feature. The latter may expand the range and capabilities of inter-phone collaboration and sharing apps a la Bump and its ilk.

Also, if you want the full story, you can watch a recording of the entire announcement.



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