Erascan Scans Whiteboards as it Erases

So, this is very cool.

Erascan (h/t User Illusions) scans and saves content on a whiteboard as it erases, and it can send the scanned images via email wirelessly.

Obviously, the whiteboard is a great tool for collaborating in groups, but inevitably, someone has to transcribe the whiteboard’s contents, onto paper, into notes or email or more commonly, via a smartphone picture. Usually, this happens at the end of the meeting, when everyone is rushing on to the next meeting.

It’s tough to tell if Erascan is real product in the making or just concept. Apparently:

A team of six designers has designed Erascan for MIMOS Berhad. The individuals behind the digital eraser and scanner include Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, Nuzairi Yasin, Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, and Nazjimee Amat Omar.

Anyway, very cool concept, I’d love to add this to my bag of gadgets. Imagine the wow factor when you pull this out of your laptop bad and start erasing.






  1. And imagine the “@#!X%$!” factor as a competitor breaks into your building, erases your data, and grabs it. (Never mind me, I’m just playing through the worst-case scenarios.)

    I couldn’t find anything else about Erascan on MIMOS Berhad’s website, but according to an article at the URL, all nine of MIMOS Berhad’s award-winning concepts (possibly including Erascan, which was mentioned in the article) are “moving into production stage.”

  2. Sure, there are definitely nefarious uses too, but these lead to exactly why a lot of meetings end in hasty picture-taking and erasing. Even within the same company, secrets must be kept, e.g. M&A activity.

    Of course, if you carry one of these, as I’m implying, losing it would be just as bad as losing a laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

    I’d still love to have one, very cool gadget.

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