OTN Content on Your Favorite iOS Device

Good news, for me anyway, Southwest (@southwestair) found and returned my lost iPad.

Now that I’m back in the iOS fold, I can start yapping about apps again.

So, let’s begin. Justin’s (@oracletechnet) post about the OTN content in the Oracle iOS app reminded me to check out the recent updates to the Oracle iOS app. The Oracle app encapsulates much of the content you’ll find over on oracle.com, all in a handy app for both your iPhone and iPad.

Check out the screen grabs for iPhone.

The iPad version is slightly different, but you get the gist, all your Oracle stuff in an app. FWIW the app includes a listing of Oracle-developed iOS apps, a handy shortcut. I don’t see a way to login to my account, which was made much easier for mobile devices when they deployed CSS3 media queries, but hopefully, that’s coming soon.

This app isn’t new, but I’ve been slow to cover it. I believe this app is brainchild of Friend of the ‘Lab Marius Ciortea (@radu43), so kudos dude. Maybe Marius can answer a question I’m sure we all have, is this coming to Android? Hey maybe as a fun project someone can put together a mobile web version in jQM. Just spitballing.

Find the app here.




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